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Colombian Rice Farms

Colombia, South America

08 Apr 2014, Posted by Enviro Board in Colombia, South America

Visiting Rice Farms In Colombia

Glenn Camp visited the rice farms around Ibagué, Colombia to scout for locations for the Enviro Board mill plant. Ibagué is a city in Tolima, one of 32 departments of Colombia. Tolima produces the majority of the rice for Colombia.

DSCN1770Thousands of acres of rice farms.


Glenn Camp met with Francisco Manrique, who is one of the largest developers in South America. His company, Soluciones En Inversiones, will be using the Enviro Board building technology to manufacture new homes for upcoming projects.

MG_4971_ibague_colombiaGlenn Camp, Alfonso Vonnegra, and Francisco Manrique.

In Ibagué, the Enviro Board team met with Alfonso Vonnegra, a local rice grower and industrialist.

DSCN1778Jay Pennington, Alfonso Vonnegra, and Francisco Manrique.